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Drotsky follows an age-old tradition of unnegotiable craftsmanship

Drotsky’s iconic red and yellow colours are spread far and wide over Southern Africa, to such an extent that the name, Drotsky, has become a household name for hammer mills.

Drotsky is a South African company, based in Alberton, but is taking special care of the emerging farmer by supplying a carefully chosen range of equipment, precisely suited to your needs.

The S6 super plant is an improvement on the other S-models with extra features. The owner, Tewis van der Ryst, travelled to Africa and realised there was a need for a variety of other milled products. The Super Plant is designed to produce three maize products – samp, hominy chop and refined maize meal, where the germs and shells are removed. This machine reduces the regular five steps of an industrial roller mill to three.

The M-series is Drotsky’s flagship product available in a M8, M16, M24 and M36 model, where the M16 model is the most popular outside South Africa. These hammer mills are unique in the sense that they use a 360° sieve, which doubles the capacity of the traditional half circle hammer mills. The fans are on the outside of the sieve, which means it sucks the finished material with the same power instead of pushing it outwards and all around the sieve. Maize can also be milled and when travelling through the cyclone, it is cooled down, which improves the taste and shelf-life. It is also very effective for cutting roughage.

The S-series works on a smaller scale and produces a finer product for animal and human consumption. It doesn’t have blowers, which eliminates dust. The final product just drops down to be collected below the machine. It mills the whole kernel to produce straight run maize meal. This is the most nutritious form of pure maize meal. It can be powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine.

The P2000 horizontal mixer appeals to the serious feed mixer or commercial farmer. This mixer is famous for its very quick, effective and thorough mixing action. This is the reason why milk farmers and their sensitive, highly productive animals love it. These mixers are also very inexpensive compared to imported mixers from the rest of the world.

Contact Alomia at +27-11-864-1601 or or Fouzia at +27-11-864-1601 or for more information. Also visit the website at

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