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GROW issue 01

It has been a long-time dream of ProAgri to be involved in supplying information to people who are so eager to learn that they are prepared to walk kilometres far to attend a farmers’ day. With GROW we hope to make a difference.

Farmers need rain, feed, seed, fertiliser, equipment and INFORMATION. With GROW we are here to help you, as emerging farmer, with that. We aim to assist you with practical advice and up to date information on farming techniques and technology to enable you to grow your farming ventures to be sustainable and profitable.

GROW is powered by ProAgri Media House with 25 years of experience in agricultural communication, in partnership with Agri SA. ProAgri’s business model is based on the free distribution of information directly to farmers in quality publications and online forums.

GROW magazine and all our articles and training manuals will be placed on our website: All digital content will be sent through newsletters on e-mail and through WhatsApp or SMS to farmers.

In each issue there will be guides/articles on subjects in the following main categories: Crop production, livestock farming, mechanisation and resource management. If we have your number or e-mail address, we will send you the information you need to GROW with us in farming.

Benine Ackermann –
Information is the seed to successful farming!

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