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GROW issue 02

Everyone begins somewhere in life. After you were born, you could not walk or talk, but with time you learnt how to do it. In Grade 1 you had to go to school to learn to read and write. After school you might study for a tertiary qualification, where you had to learn from the beginning again about a profession or a trade before you could kick off your career. Then the shock – starting a career meant learning again. That is gaining experience before working up to, maybe, a managerial position one day.

The simple truth is that nothing in life is free and nothing comes without toil. No matter what – to end up somewhere, everybody has to start at the beginning. That is why the words of Lovedalia Njabulo Mbokane, SAB Young Emerging Farmer of the Year, are so true: “Follow your dreams and know that you might start small.” Read more about her on the GROW website.

GROW is a free agricultural magazine for emerging farmers to help you learn more about farming. GROW is published by ProAgri Media House, which has 25 years’ experience in agricultural communication, in partnership with Agri SA.

This is our second edition and I was amazed at how many people reacted with interest after the first issue.

This month’s edition of GROW contains many training manuals on subjects such as: How to plant tomatoes; Production of cabbages; What equipment you need on your farm; Farming with cattle or goats; and How to draw up a business plan for your farm.

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Like great oaks from little acorns grow, so your farming can grow from a small beginning.

Information is the seed to successful farming!

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