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GROW issue 03

Drought, floods in some places, load shedding and diseases – these are a few subjects that have been on farmers’ minds the last month. The foot-and-mouth disease that led to the suspension of auctions showed farmers again how important it is to vaccinate livestock against any disease. It is the number one precaution that all livestock farmers must take.

Though foot-and-mouth does not kill affected animals, owners lose money due to a sudden drop in production. The disease is caused by a virus, which only affects cloven-hoofed animals for example cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and cloven-hoofed wildlife such as buffalo and antelope.

In this issue we give you more information on foot-and-mouth disease and how to protect your animals against it. We also talk about vaccinations to prevent other diseases, such as sheep scab and summer parasites.

Recently I read about Ntombizonke Radebe who struggled for 15 years to find full-time employment after she matriculated in the Free State in 2000. She is an example to all of us to never give up because in 2015, Radebe scratched together enough money to buy 20 chickens by selling atchar in the informal market and taking a loan, and started her business, My Chicken for Ntombi. It took another year to turn a profit to live on, yet she persisted, fuelled by what she describes as her “inner passion” to change her destiny. She said: “I encourage young people not to sit down and fold their hands, or wait for someone to employ them. They can create their own jobs.”

GROW is a free agricultural magazine for emerging farmers to help you to learn more about farming. GROW is powered by ProAgri Media House with 25 years of experience in agricultural communication, in partnership with Agri SA.

In our last edition of 2019 we give you more information on identifying prime meat cuts when slaughtering cattle. This guide will help you to minimise meat wastage and produce the same quality beef cuts that you would buy off the shelves of any shop. We also help you to grow your own vegetable garden and tell you how drip irrigation works, and explain to you the benefits of being part of a co-op. GROW also interviewed the New Harvest of the Year winner for 2019. He gives tips on where to begin in farming. Congratulations to him and all the other winners that won first prizes in the agricultural industry.

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Have a merry Christmas with your loved ones and a happy new year.

Information is the seed to successful farming!

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