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No nonsense Hollard insurance cover farming assets

Why a farmer needs insurance

“The money you get out of the animals you farm with, is what keeps you alive – it gives you a house to live in, food to eat and to provide other essentials for your family,” says Andries Wiese of Hollard Insurance.

“That is why you need protection against hazards that may occur such as fires, flooding, stormy weather, lightning, and exceptional cold. These natural disasters can kill your animals,” he added.

The farmer should have a plan to replace something once it is not there anymore. That is why Hollard says: “We cover your risks to help you grow.”

Flash floods can be deadly to your
animals. Photo:

What a farmer can insure:

You can insure everything you buy with money such as:

  • Your livestock like sheep, goats and cattle.
  • The farmhouse, outbuildings, motor car and farm equipment (tractors and implements), and also
  • The people who work for you.

Who is Hollard?

It is an insurance company that helps you to insure all your valuables against loss. As Hollard says: “Great insurance not only covers your loss; it can also set you (and your dependents) up for a better future.”

How it works:

Hollard’s expert brokers go directly to the farm. The brokers go through the farmer’s gate and onto their land providing direct no nonsense service; so there is no distant relationship or faceless call centre. They can give the farmer direct advice and provide an immediate quote on the best cover for your livestock; then the decision is up to you.

“If you insure your livestock today with Hollard and an animal dies tomorrow, the animal will be covered and Hollard will pay for the damage. You just contact your broker directly and he submits the claim for you; the farmer need not do anything,” says Andries. “Hollard will not buy you another animal if livestock die in a storm, but they will reimburse you with the value of the animal(s).”

You cannot prevent natural disasters, but you can prepare for them.

How to pay premiums: Hollard will arrange for the necessary debit order so that premiums can be deducted from your bank account.

For more information about Hollard’s expert insurance services, please visit the internet website or contact Andries Wiese on tel. 011-351-5877.

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