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Small-scale planting, fertilising made easy by Backsavers

Affordable, easy to use, top quality and effective – that is what Backsaver Farming Equipment stands for. They are the leading manufacturer of small-scale crop farming equipment in South Africa and in Africa that can improve the small-scale farmer’s efficiency and thus higher net profit.

Backsaver’s Farming Equipment exhibited their products at the Agri Gauteng Expo held at Vleissentraal, Onderstepoort, in August 2019. This expo is aimed at exposing young and emerging farmers to their industry and broaden opportunities that can lead to sustainable economic development and job creation.

Michris Janse van Rensburg, the man behind Backsaver Farming Equipment, drew much attention to his stand and showed emerging farmers how his fertiliser applicator puts the correct amount of fertiliser into the soil with minimum effort. Backsaver’s fertiliser applicators and planters are practical and easy to use and will ensure significant progress in the small-scale farming sector.

Michris says: “Backsaver’s equipment can help a lot of farmers. Every Backsaver product helps a farmer to farm more profitably.”

As an experienced crop farmer in the Free State, Michris’ first hand planter concept was born out of the need to fill in gaps left by his tractor driven maize planter. He perfected the design and then also ventured into designing hand fertiliser applicators.

He also sponsored two prizes that were given away at the expo in co-operation with ProAgri. Donald Masemola won the automatic single shot fertiliser, and Walter Khoza went home with the wheeled fertiliser.

Some of the Backsaver equipment that will make life easier for an emerging farmer:

This hand-operated pumpkin seed planter plants the pumpkin seed at exactly the correct distance from each other.
The Backsaver Single shot fertiliser applicator was the most popular piece of equipment at the Agri Gauteng Expo – a MUST for the small-scale farmer.
The wheeled fertiliser applicator carries 8kg of fertiliser and the machine can be calibrated to deliver the exact amount needed by the plants.
Michris with a real back saver – The seedling planter.

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