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Starke Ayres: Sweet pepper thriving in the Bosveld

PFEIFFER is new hybrid Sweet Pepper variety from Starke Ayres that did well in the Bosveld area on Johan van der Linde’s York Farm.

Suited for open field production, as well as cultivation under protection, it produces dark green fruit that change from the dark green to red on maturity. It is a medium maturing variety, 75 to 80 days to first yield in summer. The period to the first picking can vary considerably between warm and cool season plantings.

PFEIFFER has an upright, vigorous growth habit, and exceptionally good leaf cover, limiting sunburn of the fruit. It produces fruit with a mass of between 170g and 220g. The fruit have a medium blocky shape and are, on average, 8cm x 8cm. Quality of the bull-nosed fruit (four lobes) is very good, with a smooth and glossy skin. Thick walls ensure that PFEIFFER fruit have an excellent shelf-life. The variety has the ability to set fruit under cool conditions.

The PFEIFFER impressed with its disease tolerance. The disease package is as follows:

  • HR: Tomato Mosaic Virus (TMV), Bacterial Spot (Xcv)
  • IR: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV), Powdery mildew (Lt), Phytophthora (Pc)

PHEIFFER will be semi-commercially available and Starke Ayres is excited about launching this new variety to the trade.

What the words mean:

Hybrid: a plant or animal produced by inter-breeding different species or varieties.

Variety: a particular strain of a species

Open-field production: Not under netting or in a hothouse.

Maturity: Fully grown or developed; ripe.

Vigorous: Full of vigour; strong-growing and –yielding.

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